Bought your dream home, but do not have the design sensibilities to decorate it? Well, you could hire an interior designer to bring your vision of a dream home turn into reality. A market filled with creative professionals, the biggest challenge remains is how to choose an interior designer that fits your bill.

MakaaniQ lists tips to hire the right interior designer to beautify your home along with making it functional.

Get specific
Even before you kick-start the process, pen down certain things that could act as a filter when making the decision. So, first decide on the look, the budget, the timelines and also, the location. All these could be critical and even connected to each other. You wouldn’t want to get into discussions and at a certain point of work find the timelines too long. So, better create these filters even before you begin.

Where to find them
Searching for the right interior designer would require the filter based on your needs. So, look for them online (websites and social media); speak to your friends, family or acquaintance who recently hired an interior designer; or approach design schools. Another key source is décor magazines and blogs that talk about architecture and design. Shortlist the ones that fit your list of filters. This way you would have a handful of them to approach.

Background check
Once you have shortlisted some designers that fit your bill, do a background check. Know about their education (specialisation, insititution), projects they have worked on, people they have worked with, people they have worked under if any, and their experience.

Portfolio check
This is equally important while you do a background check, also check their work. Know what they specialise in, how good they are at innovating, and overcoming challenges. You could also ask them to take you on-site visit of some of their works, who knows you would like something to be incorporated in your home, too. Also, during this visit check with the client about their working style, how capable are they in working within a budget and also, timelines.

Discuss the budget
Once you are convinced with their working style and portfolio, finalise the cost. This varies from designer to designer. Discuss the budget you have set and if the designer is willing to work in it, negotiate on services they can and cannot offer. If the budget good to go, make sure they tell you the payment process and timeline beforehand. In the end, make sure you keep a buffer of 20 per cent of your total budget for wear and tear and miscellaneous purchases.

Share your design sensibilities
Make sure that you and your designer can work in sync when it comes to designs. Share your initial conceptualisation of the home and let them share what would fit well in your home and the challenges that could come along. A good designer is one who is flexible and tries to fit your sensibilities along with their designs, making the home your reflection in the end.

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