The answer to this question decides the final outlook of your room. For a clutter-free interior, minimalism is ideal. But if it is not your call, look for other options that limit the clutter in a small room. Also, you can experiment by mixing two different styles and yet keep things cool! For example, take the earth tones and rough textures from rustic style and add it to a modern setting as accent. So, the point to keep in mind here is that you don’t need too much stuffs on the floors. Why? Because you need to move around smoothly and look around unobstructed.

1. Go light with colors!


In simple words, light colors make an interior look larger and more spacious. Hey, that doesn’t mean you paint everything white! You can work with light tones of your favorite color. Also, light colors tend to save up on your lighting needs. So basically with colors like off-white and faint blush, its a win-win situation!

2. Avoid dividing the space.

Not only will you hamper free air circulation with partitions, but you will also waste some space as well. So, use partitions ONLY if it is unavoidable. And if you feel a semi-private partition will be okay, opt for fabrics. Yes, fabrics offer interesting alternative for a solid opaque wall. Again, with light color, translucent material and light prints, you can add partition curtains that won’t make their presence felt.

3. Hide your storage.

Instead of going for a platform bed, opt for a box bed with concealed storage drawers. Also, don’t scatter many single storage units. Substitute them with a vertical chest of drawers that takes up less floor area and can also settle in a corner of room.

4. Lights please!

Do away with anything and everything that darkens the space. And that includes dark shades or colours, heavy textures on furnishings and surfaces or something as basic as low lighting. Also, plan for maximum use of daylight in such a way that you require almost no artificial light during daytime. Adequate light brings a certain energy and the space tends to look bigger and more spacious.

5. Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Wall Arts ~ Large Circle Mirror Wall Art Contemporary Art Deco Round intended for Round Mirror Wall Art

… can make your room look big, not small! Mirrors reflect light and so it only makes sense to create spacious illusions using them. Also, if you plan cleverly then mirrors are a great way of enhancing or manipulating various light sources in your room. However, this one is slightly tricky among other interior design ideas in the sense that excess of mirrors may cause unwanted glares,reflection or other such issues.

6. Select furniture that serves many functions.

Basically that means, opt for multipurpose furniture. There are a variety of options available in the market that work like magic for small spaces. Well, take for example, the sofa-cum-bed. For a small home with only a single bedroom, this piece of furniture is a big relief when guests drop in unannounced for the night!

7. Conceal your utility fixture-go modular.

Conceal your utility fixture-go modular

Modular cabinets or furniture are great if you have to keep changing your address every once in a while. And so, it is one of the best interior design ideas that you can add to a small room. How? Consider a foldable platform bed that conceals into a wall and reveals storage shelves on the other side during daytime. Also, fancy a tabletop concealed over the wall, to be revealed only when you have to chop your veggies or have that hot cup of soup!

8. Go vertical for pots,pans and greens!

Yes, you heard that right. Use your kitchen wall to fix accessories that can take care of your cutlery,pots and pans. Open storage shelves that extend vertically and similar accessories are great interior design ideas for small spaces. Also, extend this idea to your sweet little balcony and voila! Your vertical garden with pretty flower pots will add the touch of mother nature to your home.

9. Less details= More spacious

Try to avoid big elaborate patterns or decorative motifs on your wallpapers. Also, you can go for plains/stripes instead of detailed florals when you select carpets, curtains or rugs. Again, keep the tones light. Plain, straight, clean lines in your interior will definitely magnify the visual perception of available space. So even with your sofas and bed linen, go for plain versions or if you just can’t skip florals, select minimally patterned textiles.

10. Stair Repair

Use your stairs as built-in drawers for extra storage space. if the headroom height allows, you can actually set up a small library under a stair flight itself! Add some shelves to hold the books and make a cozy chair relax in one corner. Come to think of it, you can hide away in your books if you have such an adorable space in your home!

These interior design ideas are, what you may call, just the tip of the iceberg! With careful planning of your needs, budget and space, you can make the most of the little space you have in your home sweet home!

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