Door hardware, like door locks, handles, and knobs trends come and go, but some trends never go out of style. Here are some examples:

Black is back

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Black door handles and door hardware are always a big hit. Why is black so popular? First of all, it is versatile, and it matches with almost all of the home’s features, and the door itself. It could either blend in well or complement another fixture.

Black is also the colour usually associated with class and elegance in Europe and the United States, followed by silver, white, and gold. In the 19th century, this color was the fashion trend for men in the form of a black coat.


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The two-tone metal finish is becoming the ‘must-have’ style when designing and refurbishing. The reason: It matches and complements more things. Design is becoming smarter, sleeker, and chicer. The need to ensure a consistent theme placement throughout the interior is essential. Accessories and door handle, even the high-security locks, while some of the smallest of architectural fixtures, can exert a powerful impact.

The most popular finishes in two-tone door hardware is a mixture of brushed nickel as the more dominant finish with hints of chrome. The advantage of this trend is that the brushed metal, the part most touched, does not show the finger imprints as chrome does.

Environmental Sustainability

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Contemporary consumers are much more educated now as to environmental issues and product materials and processes than ever before. There are as many different finishes, designs, and styles of door  hardware as there are doors  to fit them, so spend some time researching.

Door knobs and handles in antique bronze or brass may look better in a warm-coloured home, but cooler schemes fit well with porcelain, stainless steel, or chrome hardware. Seek the help of an interior designer, since they may be able to help come up with the best decision.

Brushed Nickel

The soft but soft metallic look of brushed nickel is another trend that never goes out of style. Consumers are digging this finish due to its elegant appearance, its soft yet silvery hue, and its ability to both stand out and blend in seamlessly with most interiors and other door hardware. It has the advantage of complementing and bringing out stainless steel in all its forms and is an interior designer’s favorite.

Moreover, this is also one of the most durable styles and finishes, and keeps its finish effect longer than oil-rubbed bronze and chrome. Another good this is that tt does not show wear and tear, water spots, or fingerprints. It is easy to clean, find, and match with accessories and other door fixtures. One of its other advantages is that it looks great with chrome. So, if you have chrome door hardware, brushed nickel look impressive alongside it.

A Blast from the Past

There is growing demand this year for the past glory of bygone periods. Styles stemmed from Rome, Italy, and Greece are making a comeback in the form of vintage and traditional designs. Finishes such as oil rubbed bronze, vintage bronze, and antique copper are becoming popular.

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