Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens are practical, manageable, stylish and technical. But before you get carried away with all the amazing designs on offering, you need to pay attention to these technical aspects to have a hassle-free kitchen in your house.

Define the space available

The design for modular kitchen depends a lot on the kind of space available in your kitchen area. For example, if it is a smaller space, a parallel or straight kitchen would work as the best option, else the space will look cramped! Whereas, larger spaces can be planned with an L, U-shaped or ISLAND kitchen designs.

Electrical fixtures

Slots for electrical and plumbing points need to be kept in mind before designing the space, especially for apartments. In case of an independent house, these can be planned in accordance to modular units. Ensure an easy outlet for water. The kitchen should be well lit and ventilated.

Analyse storage requirements

Storage requirements need to be analysed in order to plan drawers, shelf cabinets or tall units. The storage capacity depends a lot on the usage pattern – whether you stock groceries/supplies weekly, monthly. If your family comprises of elder people too, pull outs/ drawers should be convenient and easy to operate.

The counter top

Since it determines the longevity of the kitchen, the counter-top is one of the most important things that need your attention. The choice of material for the counter tops (marble, granite or engineered stone) depend on the type of cooking done in your house.

Choose good reflector colors

Avoid dark colors like black and brown as they are not good reflectors of light. Use quality lightnings on both ceilings and the walls and install advanced electric chimney over the cooking range for proper ventilation.

Drawers versus cabinets

Prefer sectional drawers over cabinets for optimum utilization of the storage space and go for steel-wood combo for a longer life.

Plan a smooth working area

Space between work areas for cooking, washing and stocking should be well planned otherwise it can end messing up the area. Ideally, these spaces should be three feet apart on the counter top to ensure smooth working in the kitchen.
For the walls, appliances can be integrated into the kitchen again to minimize clutter and provide larger worktop area.

Proper ventilation is a must


Ventilation and safety concerns should be kept in mind while planning your kitchen space. Ideally, large windows are recommended. If there is a design or space challenge, then usage of adequate chimneys and exhausts can be an effective alternative.

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